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Vadodara: Lockdown Rules,be ready to lose passport

Vadodara: Planning a foreign trip later this year ? Then, beware before venturing out during Lockdown.

Vadodara police have decided to press for revoking the passports ot those flouting lockdown rules.Police commissioner Anupam Singh Gahlaut said on Friday ( April 3 ),city police will make a list of all those arrested for violating public notification and find out who all possess passports. “Once identified, we will write to the passport office and ministry of home affairs to cancel their passports,” he said.

Gahlaut added that those who don’t have passports also won’t be spared, “There would be many who want to apply for passport. We will mention the police complaint and arrest on record during police clearance for passports.”

The decision about this drastic step was taken as people are still seen sauntering on the roads and other public areas without any reasons. Many are giving rediculous excuses for moving out of their homes.

On Friday, 35 people were booked for violating the lockdown orders and police will start the process ti check who among them are passpost holders.

“With the help of CCTVs and fronecameras, we are capturing images of the people who are moving outdoors. When thay are tracked down and questioned, many of them are found to be moving out in publiv areas without any valid reason, People are not taking lockdown seriously,” Gahlaut said

“The move to restrict their overseas travel is aimed at curbing unnecessary commuting by citizens,”

People from those from well-to-do families were also found moving around the cars for no reason,sompelling the cops to step up thir drive to detain vehicles of offenders over last few days.

Sources in the police department said the advisory to cancel passports has been given to all police.


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