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Vadodara: ‘Army man,’ friends attack cops over wearing masks

VADODARA: A person claiming to be an army man was detained and his friend was booked for getting into a brawl with policemen in Chhota Udepur town on Thursday morning.


The accused Anish Rathwa and his pillion rider friend Chhagan Rathwa were stopped at a police point as Chhagan was not wearing a facemask. The cops asked Anish to show his driving license and his bike’s registration card and also asked Chhagan the reason for not wearing mask. On hearing the policemen, Anish lost his cool, identified himself as an army man and refused to show any documents.

Anish instead questioned the cops and then held collars of one of them. As police too retaliated, Chhagan also got into scuffle with one of them. Police claimed that the duo tore the buttons of their shirts. When Anish was being pushed in the police car, Chhagan managed to escape from there. It took three cops to make Anish sit in the car as he fought back with all his might and also hurled abuses at them.

An offence of assault, hurting a public servant, deterring a public servant from performing duties and violation of public notification was registered against the duo. “We are trying to verify if the accused is really from the Army as we did not find any identity card on him. We are also searching for his accomplice,” said a police official.



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