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Lockdown Extended: Know PM Modi’s 7-Point Special Appeal To People

The Prime Minister addressed the nation today and announced a 19-day extension in the nationwide lockdown. He also urged citizens to follow a few more points to help expedite the fight against coronavirus. Check here.

India Lockdown Extension: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today to announce government’s decision on the Coronavirus lockdown. In the message, he announced the nationwide lockdown extension till May 3rd , 2020. PM Modi also thanked and praised all the citizens in the country for maintaining disciple and adhering to lockdown guidelines dutifully.Along with a brief about the steps taken by the government to ensure India’s win in the battle against the virus, he also asked every citizen to follow a few more points to help expedite the fight against coronavirus.Here is the seven-point special appeal made by PM Modi to the countrymen.

  1. Take care of the elderly- The Prime Minister advised to take special care of the elderly especially those with pre-existing illnesses.
  2. Follow Social distancing- He also said to strictly adhere to social distancing norms that have been so far effective in combating coronavirus. He also advised using face masks and covers. Home-made face masks can also be used.
  3. 3. Follow AYUSH Ministry guidelines on improving immunity– It is important to build our immunity to fight the coronavirus and the Prime Minister has asked to follow the guidelines given by the Ayush Department. The department has suggested ayurvedic remedies to increase immunity.
  4. Download Aarogya Setu app– To help with the combat of the virus, the prime minister has asked for every citizen to download and use the Arogya Setu App. This app has been developed especially to track coronavirus cases.
  5. Help the poor- He has also appealed to people to help the poor and needy especially by providing food and protective gear such as face masks.
  6. Compassion for employees- The prime Minister asked employers to have compassion at such a challenging time and to not fire anyone.
  7. Respect Frontline workers- The true warriors of the pandemic are the health care and sanitary workers and the police who are risking their lives to protect everyone. It is important to show respect to them.



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