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Leopard preys on calf in Vadodara

Vadodara:Panic spread among the residents of Thikariya Mubarak village in Padra taluka of vadodara on Sunday after a leopard killed a calf there. The adult female leopard preyed on the calf that was tied in an open field late on saturday night. The forest department has set up a cage to trap the leopard.

This is the third incident of leopard attack in a village of padra in a fortnight. “The leopard sneaked in on the calf and killed it. The locals informed on saturday following which we kept a trap in a field in the village. We are hoping to trap the leopard soon.: said S S Talpada,regional forest officer (RFO),padra. “On march 25 , a leopard killed a calf in virpur and a similar incident happened in kotna on april 2 .TWO to three leopards are moving around in tthese villages,” Talpada added


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