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I work to give my unborn baby a healthy world, says 108 Paramedic

Corona virus has been rampant in the city since last month. As of Friday evening, 59 cases of Corona have been registered in Vadodara. On Friday, a further 20 cases were registered in the city’s cluster zones from areas declared Nagarwada and Saidpur. The transit of Corona is increasing with the local transmission in Vadodara. The Corona Warriors are raging day and night. One such ‘coronavir’ is 27-year-old Dara Thakar. Although she is 6 months pregnant, she has not taken leave since the outbreak of Covid-19 started.

Dhara Thakar works as a paramedic in 108 ambulances. She has to handle all the medical emergencies throughout the day. Dhara Thakar has been working with full enthusiasm since the Corona virus erupted in the city last month. They handle all kinds of emergency cases. Dhara Thakar’s family advises him to rest but she is determined to work.

Dhara Thakar initially faced family opposition due to her own decision due to the threat of transmission of corona virus. Dhara said, “I am pregnant for the first time. That is why so many members of my family want me to relax or take a vacation. So that there is no complication going forward. My husband Jay has previously worked in 108 ambulance services. I explained to him and he told our family. ” Gorawa resident Dhara Thakar’s husband owns a transport business. While her father-in-law is a health worker in Dahod.

It is not that Dhara Thakar’s family is in financial crisis so they work. Dhara Thakar said, “I want my baby to be born into a healthy world. If we don’t work now, who will? ” It is worth mentioning that Dhara Thakar has been associated with GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (GVK EMRI) 108 for the last 11 years.

Since the Covid-19 cases have been registered in Vadodara, Dhara Thakkar has handled dozens of suspected cases from the areas of Gorwa, which has been declared a Red Zone. But Dhara Thakkar is not afraid at all. Dhara Thakkar, who took a general nursing course from Patan, said, “In the past, I have handled many emergencies. I have handled every case involving violence, heart disease or the flu. We guarantee our safety by wearing gloves, masks, aprons, caps and goggles. Each trip ends as well as leaving the patient at SSG Hospital or GMERS Medical College


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