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First patient from Nagarwada Firoz Pathan discharged from hospital

Vadodara district administration is taking every measure to contain the deadly virus from spreading. In a relief to their efforts, the first patient from Nagarwada returned home from the hospital after fully recovered from the virus.

Vadodara witness a steep rise of positive cases in a quick time after the first case coming from Nagarwada. Since then the area becomes the hotspot of virus and more than 140 people from the area are detected positive of the virus after test.

The first patient from the area 54 years old Firoz Pathan was admitted on 4th April after tested positive of Coronavirus. After 15 days of rigorous treatment as per standard protocol, he was discharged from the hospital which comes as a relief for the district administration.

After 15 days treatment, his report comes as negative and he was discharged from the hospital. The news comes as a ray of hope for the residents of Nagarwada which becomes the hotspot of spreading of the virus in Vadodara.


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