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108 EMT help woman deliver baby inside the ambulance in Vadodara

All medical services including the 108 ambulance are running day and night to serve people in the time of lockdown in Vadodara city. They ensure the safety of people in such difficult times and help them for all their medical needs.

In one such incident the 108 ambulance staff help a woman deliver her baby inside the ambulance near SSG hospital gate. The EMT said waiting for more time might have some other results.

Gauri Marwadi 25 from Ramdev Nagar at Khodiyarnagar area complained of labour pain and informed the 108 ambulance. The ambulance reached the area in quickTime and heading for SSG hospital without wasting any time.

The pain was increasing which put the EMT Hiral Tadvi in delima. The ambulance reached the hospital gate but Hiral asked the pilot Anil Baria to stop there thinking that wasting more time might yield negative results. She help Gauri Marwadi delivering her baby inside the ambulance.

EMT Hiral Tadvi said, the delivery was successful inspite of some complications and both of them are healthy after admitted in the hospital. The family of the mother thanked the 108 ambulance staff for their efforts and quick decision which save the lives of both mother and the infant.

Project manager Nilesh Bharpoda appreciated the efforts of EMT and Pilot for their work. He said the 108 service is working day and night and different ambulances are assigned for Coronavirus related work. Looking at the seriousness of the disease every ambulance is senitised after the work along with staff to ensure their own safety.


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